Journey of Auroville Festival Concludes with an organic theatre performance VAST

Kolkata: 31st January marked the closing ceremony of the four-day Festival- Journey of Auroville. This festival marked the completion of 50 years since the establishment of the experimental township dedicated to Sri Aurobindo in 1968.

The closing ceremony comprised of a Panel Discussion on Auroville’s unique contributions and future vision in the fields no-money-circulation economy, social enterprise, cultural integration, and unending integral education.

This was followed by an organic dance theatre performance – an all-new creation by Philippe Pelen Baldini, Thierry Moucazambo and Gopal Dalami. The story was of a Nepali boy who grew up in the lap of the Himalayas and is close to his mother. As a child he was abused, tortured and raped. He was forced to leave his hometown and live in a dingy room of a slum in Delhi. Growing up he relives the tormenting experience he faced as a child. He eventually meets Hanuman. Hanuman, as stories have depicted, is a saviour. In Ramayana, Hanuman brings sanjeevani, a magical herb, from Dronagiri in the Himalayas to save Laxman.  Similarly he brings a letter from the boy’s mother. The letter spoke of the mountain goddess that she worship, who is the ultimate divinity. The letter brings a transformation in the boy. He gives in and becomes one with the Divine.    

The purpose of bringing this festival to Kolkata was the connection with Sri Aurobindo. It is here that he started the Freedom Movement of India and began his spiritual journey which finally led him to Puducherry and meet The Mother, Mirra Alfassa.

The Opening ceremony took place at Rotary Sadan on 28th Jan, wherein Dr Karan Singh, Chairman of Auroville gave an addressal followed by a performance called SEAS- a soul’s journey. On 29th January, Dr Karan Singh inaugurated an exhibition called Auroville, India, the Earth, followed by a lecture on Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo. The other half of the evening witnessed the talented Alokananda Roy give a Dance performance. The third day of the festival had an intimate story telling session at Max Mueller Bhavan where Aurovillians shared the turning points in their life.

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