Arokto – Arindam Basu’s New Film

Directed by Arindam Basu

Journalist-turned-communication expert Arindam Basu is all set for his directorial debut with a dark love story “Arokto”.  It’s a story of a successful crime writer PratapadityaSingha and his wife Resham who travel to the hills as the author plans to use the vacation to finish the climax of his new book. There is a cold wall of indifference between the couple which they also hope to heal in the mountains. But as fate has it, Resham meets Rahil in the hills. Rahil owns a small pub where he is also aper time singer.This chance meeting spirals out of control and the lives of the three take unexpected twists hurtling towards a dark end.

Will Pratap be able to redeem himself of his sins, Resham find solace and Rahil get a new meaning of life, is what Arokto is all about. “The story magnifies what lies beneath the apparent placidity that surrounds the lives of these three people. This is movie about the story behind the stories of thethreecharacters,” said Arindam.

The movie features Tota Roychowdhury as Rahil along with Orin from Bangladesh who plays Resham. Rohit Roy will be seen playing the author, Pratapaditya. Mallika Banerjee and Debaprasad Haldar play two poignant characters and often act as catalysts to the plot.


“I wrote the story almost four years back. Since then I have been working on it. But nothing is meant to happen before it happens. So here we are now. I am very happy with the cast. Tota and Rohit fit into their roles like gloves to hand and Orin brings a freshness and life that is so needed in this otherwise dark plot,” said Arindam.  

Savy is doing the music, while Dibyendu Mukherjee is working on the background score. Supriyo Dutta is the DOP and Mridul-Saswati duo is working on art direction.

The movie is produced by Trina Films. “Not many producers want to come and invest in movies that are off the beaten track and that too with new comers. But Tarun Das believes in the newness and fresh thoughts. It is privilege to make a movie under this banner,” Arindam added.

Shooting began from the middle of December in the charmed locales of North Bengal. We have completed over 90 per cent of our shooting. Two days of shoot will be done in early February in Kolkata.

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