Treat your skin to get a glow during this Puja

A perfect flawless skin is always the desire of the race. Taking out time from the busy schedule and maintaining a daily skin care routine is not the cup of tea of most commoners. The most cherishing festival of the season Durga Puja evokes the race to prep up their skin to look perfect this festival. To enlighten the skin a proper skin care routine is necessary. In order to get a flawless beautiful skin one must follow the full skin care routine everyday or at least thrice a week.


The process of cleansing deep cleans your face and removes the impurities from the face. Use any face wash that suitable for your skin type Massage it in circular motion and wash it off. Use a daily scrubber or any other natural scrubber that is suitable for your skin. Scrubbing helps in deep cleaning your face and removes black and white heads.


Toning is an important second step that completes the cleansing process. Choose your preferred toner and apply it all over thee face. A good toner removes the remaining bits of oil,dirt and debris left behind. It help to balance the PH and nourishes the skin.


Moisturizing helps to restore the moisture and hydrate your skin. Choose a good moisturiser apt for your skin.
Moisturiser reduces the appearance of blemishes and softens the skin. It also fights wrinkles and gives a fresh bright younger skin.

This daily skin care routine rejuvenates the skin and enlightens it .To brighten up the skin one may also use home made mixtures using natural ingredients. Milk, potato’s juice , Tomato’s juice , honey ,turmeric can be mixed together and used as a face pack it helps to bring an instant glow and removes tan from our face. Alovera can be mixed with lemon juice can be applied on hair as well as skin.

By Adrija Banerjee