This Pujo be the star in the crowd with a perfect dose of Makeup

The most awaiting Bong festival the Durga Puja is about to begin, folks are busy in making room for their new collection of dresses. Creating an individual style statement and flaunting ones beauty is the prime moto of all the Bengalis. Not just wearing trendy clothes but also creating a beautiful look is important. A flawless look builds up the confidence to carry out any outfit and sure to turn heads. A natural look is always preferred during the day time but a bold and gorgeous look with smoky eyes and bold lipstick is the current trend.This Puja make yourself look beautiful and feel beautiful for which u need to follow certain steps which includes:


Choose any moisturiser that suites your skin. Start using it from the centre of your face and slowly move
outwards, and then slowly downwards to thee neck. Apply it on your eyelids and under eye area as well.

Correct &Conceal

After your face have been prepped with the moisturiser use a concealer that corrects the skin tone. Begin by
applying the concealer to the inner corner of your eye and all the way along your under eye and bring it down to the cheeks and blend it. Make sure to blend it properly so that it does not form any creases. Also apply concealer on your eyelids to make sure that the skin around your eye area appears even. Use it in the sides of your nose and around the corner of the lips and under the lips to correct darkness and redness. Blend it well with a beauty blender or a brush.

Even out skin tone

Apply foundation evenly with a flat brush all over the face and neck.

Eye makeup

It is important to start with the eyebrow as it helps to frame the face . Take your desired eyebrow pencil preferably brown shade and mark your desired shape that suites your face. Fill in the space to make a well defined gorgeous eyebrow. To define them even more use concealer at the bottom and tip and blend it well. It makes the overall look very appealing. Now comes the eyes, apply some powder to set it as you have
already used concealer and foundation. Choose any light eye shadow of your choice and trace the crease, blend it well with a blending brush. To add some drama to your eyes use a darker shade of eye shadow and mark the crease, make sure to blend it well. To finish up the look take up a smudge proof liner and make a wing or any other shape of your choice, clean up the edges and sharpen the look with the concealer. To define the
look apply the liner at the bottom of the eye. Apply mascara on the eyelashes to make your eye look attractive .

Finishing up

To add definition to your face slightly contour your cheek bones, jawline and nose, blend it well. This will give the
illusion of a slimmer face. To finish up the look apply some blush in the apple of the cheeks.


Outline your lips with the desired color lip liner to make the lips look fuller and then apply the lipstick at the centre and blend the colors well to get an even color.

Its surely a pretty long list of steps to be followed by girls in order to be eye candy for the boys this festive season. And for boys? Well they seldom give a thought about beauty tips but if they really do the list
would be surely negligible in length compared to that of the girls. All you need is a facial before the beginning of the season to enhance your manly glow and a slight touch up with complexion care cream of any brand and obviously last but not the least some exclusive sense of dressing which they lack pretty often. Once done, boy even you are festive ready.

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