Colourful Burger Buns are the Next Big Thing in the City

Kolkata: Gone are the days of the same old brown and white burger buns. A chain of restaurants in the city are opting for the new age colourful burger buns, to break the monotony and add splashes of color and vibrancy to food.

Who doesn’t love a dash of color to their food? Hence Genuine Broaster Chicken, brought into the Indian market by Yellow Tie Hospitality, a food & beverages (F&B) franchise management company, is dishing out  green and red burger buns to their customers in the city.



Genuine Broaster Chicken has a specially curated menu by chef Harpal Singh Sokhi to satiate Indian taste buds and the coloured buns add a vibrancy and nowness to the whole act.

“The current and emerging trend of giving a modern twist to old recipes is the in thing to do. The more attractive a dish looks, the more people want to know what it tastes like. The use of different colours also makes people curious about the source of the colour,” says Karan Tanna, Founder and CEO, Yellow Tie Hospitality.

What makes the buns even better is the health quotient. The green burger buns get their vibrant green color from spinach extracts while the red burger buns get their color from beetroot extracts.

Made from natural ingredients, these burger buns are completely healthy and a delight to look at. So it’s time to add some drama to your gastronomic delights. It’s bun-time at the GBC.

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