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India’s first Asian table grill restaurant


A Pan Asian delight, Asia! Asia! Asia- Street BBQ & Buffet is India’s first Asian table grill restaurant that recently opened its doors to the people of Kolkata. Located in Sector V- Salt Lake, the restaurant brings together an eclectic blend of Asian flavours under one roof that is hard to pass up. Abhimanyu Maheshwari, Founder & CEO, Zing Restaurants, said, “AAA is an ode to Asia. Anyone who is looking to get a no-holds-barred Asian food experience, without having to limit oneself to only one country’s cuisine, we are the place. Our ever-changing menu and unlimited buffet format allow for a truly indulgent experience at a fixed price. We are certain that our guests will enjoy the entire experience since the offering is unlike any other in the city.”

With an ongoing pandemic, what we perhaps miss the most is traveling. Asia! Asia! Asia! is here to change
that – sprawled across an area of 3500 sq. ft.; this 111-seater outlet is designed to emulate the bustling,
chaotic and action-packed streets of Asia. From Japanese teriyaki stalls lined across the streets to the aroma
of pho in Vietnam, this restaurant is set to take you on a culinary adventure, sans the passport. The wall
graffitis, murals, and signages are inspired by the various legendary streets of Asia.

There’s no doubt that Asian streets are teeming with flavors and aroma, and one of the key aspects of Asian
food across major Asian cities is the iconic street grill; a hot favorite with the crowd, be it local or touristy.
Thus it was only apt that each table at the restaurant has its own personal grill. The on-table grill allows
the guests to cook their own skewers. Initially, the skewers are partly cooked on the live Robata Grill and
then finished on the table grill, by the guests. A fun activity for big groups! Additionally, there are sections
carved out in the restaurant which are dedicated to smaller private parties.

Come for the unlimited skewers, stay for the widespread buffet that includes an array of aromatic and rustic
curries, dim sums & stir-fries, Asian salads, and soups. Along with this bounty of Asian delights, the guests
are also served a Japanese aerated flavored beverage, called ‘Ramune’. The closest parallel that we can
draw is to that of an Indian Goli Soda and its complimentary. The exhaustive beverage menu also boasts of
a range of bubble teas and Asian flavored iced teas.

The menu comprises street style cuisines from 8 major countries, namely Thailand, Japan, Indonesia,
China, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia. If one gets lucky, they can get their hands on the
dishes from Burma and Cambodia, once in a while. Despite the cultural uniqueness of each country, it is their
heritage that ties the Asian nations together in a common thread. The brand’s intent is to bring this common
thread to the forefront whilst cherishing the individuality of each country.

The restaurant’s signature dishes include Neon Dimsums, Tori Tsukune Teriyaki, Robata Claypot Rice and
Southeast Asian rustic curries like Bangkok Street Chicken Kra Pao, Chiang Mai Style Green Curry, Sliced
Fish in Black Pepper Sauce to name a few. The brand has also introduced a host of Asian desserts, (a first for
Kolkata) that includes the likes of Japanese Mochi Ice-Cream (in multiple flavors), Dorayakis (Japanese
pancakes), all of which take inspiration from the busy streets of Tokyo.

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