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The Side Effects of Falling in Love


The definition of ‘love’ differs from one person to another. While most of us think it to be a wonderful feeling, there are also few of us who don’t even believe in it at all. It is true that ‘love’ is pretty weird and it proves to be a ‘fall’ in literal sense for many and a ‘rise’ at a personal level for many others. Truth is, love is REAL. It is fascinating to learn that when you fall in love, there are so many things happening inside of you.

See if you realize that you really do all this to yourself when you fall in love –

1. Your pupils dilate when continuously looking at the person you love. Believe it or not, but scientists have proved it. This is something that you can’t really notice all by yourself. Still, you can give it a try.

2. Your brain seems high on Cocaine.¬†You reach a level of inner happiness when you are in love and start producing more ‘dopamine’ inside an area of your brain, the same area that is influenced when you’re high on cocaine. So apparently, love = cocaine ūüėČ Jokes apart, nothing can replace the happiness of love.

3. You have a better health.¬†Health doesn’t always mean, having a nicely shaped body. A person feeling love for another person often cures issues in the body or mind that were suffocated with negativity and loneliness. In love, you are positive and your body recovers quickly from such issues. Especially for men, a good marriage improves your health in the long run.

4. Love reduces the feeling of pain. As it has been studied over years by scientists, that especially in case of women, the mental strength increases when they hold hands of their lovers. Even a mere look at a photograph can make her feel better when in pain. Studies of consciousness define this as a result of what you tend to do from your inner self. Love acts as a fuel.

5. You debunk logic and turn ‘Love at First Sight’ into a reality. While many do not believe, but researchers have seen that in most cases of ‘Love at First Sight’, the people involved do not even require to know much about each other. Fact is, that’s why we have that name, because you don’t really get enough time to have the information. A deep look into the eyes are enough to identify that ‘spark’ of love. This is how we often realise how we do or do not connect with certain people.

6. Now this is serious. ‘Serotonin’ levels fall when you are in love. This is responsible for most breakups or domestic violence arising from obsession towards your partner. When serotonin levels are low, it can cause a mental disorder known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which makes you obsessive and reduces the power of reasoning. You start fighting over stupid issues. If you are feeling like this right now, explain to yourself that your behavior can take away the love of your life from you. Act now to resolve issues.

7. You activate your brain’s secret part. Caudate is a part of the brain that instigates the feeling of craving. When you think of a memory¬†of your loved one, or you browse through a bunch of photographs, you start feeling the physical necessity of that person, right away.

8. Your past made it better for you. Studies show that more than¬†30% of long running successful relationships were the second ‘true-love-relationship’ of either or both the partners. We learn from our mistakes. That’s how we build better relationships when we really intend to.

9. You didn’t believe¬†this.¬†In most cases of love, we find people who are the most committed, were either non-believers of love or they are happy with the type of person they never thought of being together with. The ‘type’ here differs in each case, starting from ethnicity to other personal factors.

10. Okay this might be weird. If you have fallen for a person of the same gender, you are NOT against nature. There are other living organisms who think like you and often choose to mate with the same gender, for example wolves, penguins and swans.

Tell us about your experiences of love, by commenting below.


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