10 Common Things We Did But Didn’t Talk Of Commonly!

There are many things that are very commonly done and are yet not so commonly talked of –

1.) Dancing alone in front of the mirror of your room, just to see what you look like while giving a specific expression.! well…well…well!!

2.) A Psychological spoon – well this ones for those who are not so used to ‘hotsips’ (Sure I am one of those).

3.) This one’s for you girls – remember how you applied your mommy’s lipstick silently inside the washroom, just to take a glimpse of your badly formed lips in class 6th!..DUH!

4.) EVERYONE HAS DONE THIS ONE!– Being your own barber …ha…and the results are HILARIOUS! :@

5.) Assuming the role of a teacher in a school, but wait!…actually teaching an imaginary literally a teacher should see us doing that..TALENT!

6.) This our parents must have even done in their childhood – ‘waiting desperately for the guests to leave so that you can gulp all the leftover snacks served to them’. LOL!! I just recalled.

7.) There were only 3 dreams – to be an engineer, doctor , pilot and yes not to forget an ASTRONAUGHT! -.- hmmm..  REALITY HURTS!!

8.) Stealing money from parents or to put it better, never retuning the change (considering it your self-entitled pocket money :P) just to buy a 5 rs ice-cream. SERIOUSLY! They give lumpsums to provide for our education. They can always buy an ice cream for you.

9.) Assigning characters to your friends watching a cartoon with you. Like Captain Planet.:D AH!That was fun.

10.) Cutting out pictures of your favourite celebs (aka, your crushes) from all possible sources – newspapers, magazines and making a scrapbook. Just to be ashamed of it 10 years later.. 😛 .

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