Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ascertain the presence of Diana in their wedding

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place on May 19th, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in the United Kingdom.

The couple tried to bunch the wedding with so many gestures that will make everybody feel the presence of the Prince’s mother Diana. Harry and Meghan did every little thing as a tribute to Diana in their wedding. From the jwellery of the bride to the flowers in their wedding, there were heedful touches of their tribute.

The engagement ring that Meghnan wore was designed by Prince Harry by using the diamond that belonged to his mother, Diana. The two magnificent cut outside the stone was of around 0.75 ct and each came from Diana’s personal collection. Even at the evening reception it was seen that Meghnan was wearing one of the ring that belonged to Diana , because it was Diana’s wish that her son’s wife would possess her jewellery box.

The wedding couple expressed their gesture of tribute to Diana in the form of their selection of flowers for their wedding. The flowers displayed white garden roses , peonis and foxgloves from the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park. These flowers were listed in the favorites of Diana who died on 31st August,1997. Prince Harry handpicked some flowers for Meghnan’s bouquet himself, including Forget-Me-Nots in remembrance of his late mother.

The couple also involved all the three siblings of Diana in the royal wedding. They also played the same hymn in their wedding which was played at Diana’s funeral in 1997. Harry was also caught to wipe away his tears during the time when he was listening to Diana’s favorite hymn.

They asked the guests not to bring any gift for them but instead of that guests were asked to make a charity donation to their selected charities who are involved in helping the children dealing with AIDS , HIV and homelessness. This was indeed very close to Diana’s heart.