Electro Woman Gives Shocks – Electrifying Women’s Day

Italian anatomist L. Galvani proved the existence of bio-electrical force within living human tissues, in the late 1700s. Since then, a lot of other scientists have proposed different theories about this phenomenon. Researchers suggest that due to physiological disturbances in a woman’s body during menopause, the fluctuations of hormones have a direct effect on the nervous system of the body. This results in sensations of electric shocks in the body that last for a short span of time.

However, in case of Asha devi, a housewife residing in the northern part of Kolkata (West Bengal), the family members are experiencing electric shocks from her. Friday, the 6th of March 2015 was a different day for Asha devi’s family. Her child touched her hands and suddenly got electric shocks. Asha devi also felt the shock but ignored it. How would you feel, if you feel electric shocks out of nowhere, from your own body or your mother’s body? We can well imagine, that it would be the weirdest thing we can think of. But it is REAL.

After the first instance, her son also felt the same shock – this time a longer one. The kids were frightened. Later both Asha devi and her husband felt a strong electric shock while passing on a metal tray, holding the either ends of it. Instances of electric shocks have continued to occur since then – at times through the metal railings of their house, metal utensils, etc. Confused and afraid of this weird experience, Asha devi finally consulted her doctor, who, from the apparent condition stated this to be a disorder in the nervous system or a small fluctuation in the neurons. The details of the diagnosis are yet to be revealed.

Static charge can often build up in a human body and give electric shocks. Believe it or not, but this can even cause a fire while handling inflammable substances. In daily life, scientists dealing with low-volt electric circuits, tend to drain out static charge off their body by touching a wall or standing barefoot on the floor. But for Asha devi, all we can say is – it is a birth of an empowered woman with an extra power – Electro Woman, similar to the Amazing Spiderman’s fictional character Electro. Only difference is – this time, IT IS A REALITY. Imagine how it would have been for Indian women to possess such a power with voluntary control, in a society like ours where rapists enjoy the social freeway.

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