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4 symptoms that you need to focus if you have low self-esteem


A loss of confidence, fear, and disappointment characterize low self-esteem. It must be repaired in order to move forward in life. It is not just purpose and determination that contribute to the development of good personal relationships and a successful career. You must believe in yourself and your abilities; in other words, you must have a high sense of self-esteem.

The term ‘self-esteem’ refers to an individual’s assessment of their own worth. This assessment determines our degree of trust, resistance to challenges, and desire to progress against our objectives. This also implies that people with low self-esteem can encounter feelings of guilt, unworthiness, and disappointment. You may have the right intentions and talents, but in order to really give your everything, both individually and professionally, you must still work on your self-esteem. Here are four indications that you have poor self-esteem and can address it as soon as possible:

1. You cannot take criticisms well

When you don’t believe in your own skills, you internalize the illusion that everyone you encounter is better than you. You wonder about with a sense of self-consciousness. As a result, you can come to believe that any piece of feedback is an assault on your personality. Constructive feedback, on the other hand, can be immensely useful in terms of enhancing your talents. As a result, having low self-esteem can prevent you from rising personally by causing you to view criticism negatively.

2. You lack social interaction

You can withdraw from social activities if you are self-conscious about your personality and, at times, feel inferior to those around you. Cancelling invites from friends and employers is understandable once in a while, but doing so on a daily basis may have a huge effect on your mental health. It will make you feel lonely and aggravate your low self-esteem. So, instead of being afraid of how others would judge you, put yourself out there in order to create healthier personal relationships.

3. You’re very sensitive

When you have poor self-esteem, it may have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing and make you feel highly sensitive. Small items like your buddy not responding to your messages right away or your manager telling you to make changes to a certain document will lower your morale and make you believe you’re not good enough. In reality, most people who have low self-esteem struggle with overthinking. Needless to mention, this will have a major effect on the course of the day as well as your mental health.

4. You stop pursuing anything because you are afraid of failing

From enrolling in a certain academic course and applying for a career you really want to not enrolling in an extracurricular program in which you really want to learn. Yes, these are the negative effects of poor self-esteem, which will prevent you from doing anything when you are always afraid of failing. Lack of faith in one’s ability will have a significant impact on one’s prospects. In reality, it will make you incredibly irritated.

Create your self-esteem in a good way, ladies, to have a positive difference in your life!

Text by: Adrita Roy, IBTN9

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