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Amazing fat burner coffee to reduce belly fat very fast


An amazing fat burner coffee recipe that not only will help you to reduce belly fat but also a total weight loss in just a few months. We all know that coffee is a good source of fat reducer and it is proven by many researchers, especially the belly fat can be magically reduced. There are many benefits of coffee and the most important one is it boosts the metabolism very well with helping in losing weight.

Coffee has a lot of B Vitamins, polyphenol, and antioxidants which will help one to stay healthy if taken in the right amount and at the proper limit. The best thing is this coffee recipe will reduce unnecessary hunger and craving that will lead to proper weight loss. One should keep in mind that it should not be taken more than two times a day or else it can some sleep issues too. So the amount and how many times you drink it is very important. Everybody wants to look slim and healthy and with added flat belly one would look definitely gorgeous from inside out.

Fat burner coffee recipe

Take two cloves, two cardamoms, one cinnamon stick, four peppercorns, and half teaspoon coffee or according to your taste, you may take a bit more coffee. Add all these in a pan of two cups of water and boil it to one cup, strain it and have it.

A very easy to make fat burner coffee which one should have once as a mid-day drink and then as an evening drink. Remember do not use sugar at all. Try this at home and check your weight before starting and then after a week sees the difference. It is a very beneficial drink.

Text by: Adrita Roy, IBTN9

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