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How to Calm Yourself if Covid News is Making You Anxious?


The second wave of covid has brought back another lockdown, along with a lot of spare time we spend looking at our devices. Social media provides its fair share of entertainment, including news of Covid all around the world. With the brutality of thousands of lives being affected each day to witnessing casualties among relatives or friends, it’s only normal to feel traumatized. Watching the news only worsens the anxiety and stress of the situation.

Focusing on these negative emotions swirling in our heads can harm our mental well-being, leading to depression and the lack of motivation to do simple tasks in life. How to distract yourself then? Look for healthy and effective ways to release them from your mind and body. We know, it’s easier said than done. So, here are a few ways to help you calm yourself down amidst the pandemic.

  • Set Goals

Set a routine for yourself. Spending all day procrastinating is not healthy even if you have nothing to do. Aim for achieving 3 productive tasks a day, which can be anything from trying a new recipe, to working for that dream body you’ve been rooting for. If you’re a music or dance or art enthusiast, dedicate some quality time to it. It’s never too late to find a new hobby or learn something!

  • Get rid of your overly cautious self

In the face of adversity or damage, it is human nature to become defensive. This habit pushes us to concentrate on the negative rather than the positive. As a result, if you find yourself spiraling into negative feelings, actively turn your attention to the things you are grateful for, do things that make you happy.

  • Express your emotions

Carrying a truckload of feelings inside can have consequences. If there are any circumstances that make you uncomfortable, talk to your loved ones about it or write them down somewhere.

  • Avoid blaming

We tend to lose control of ourselves and our sentiments when we assign blame to another person, circumstance, or experience. Instead, accept that you did the best you could under the circumstances and move on.

  • Focus on the little good things in life

It can be tough to cope freely because of the situation, which has compelled us to experience traumatic losses in various ways but be sure to remind yourself of the little things you are grateful for.

One of the most common mistakes we make is engaging in negative self-talk. It is important to remind oneself to repeat positive affirmations on a regular basis. Your brain does not have its own brain. It will believe anything you tell it, be it positive or negative.

  • Give yourself a break

Take a break from whatever is bothering you or actually disengage if you are feeling anxious. Give it a break from the news, social media, and phone calls. Exercise lightly, eat healthily, follow a proper sleep schedule, write a journal if you feel like, read a book, or watch your favorite TV show. Spending time alone with yourself will help you relax and rejuvenate. If you decide to go on a social detox, keep these suggestions in mind.

Text by: Ipsita Ghosh, IBTN9

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