Salil Chowdhury remebered in Surer Jharna Surodhwoni’s First Concert

Surodhwani a music institute of noted singer Antara Chowdhury  celebrated a musical evening to celebrate the first anniversary of the institute on 3 Feb,2019 at Rabindra Sadan, titled ” Surer Jharna“. Salil Chowdhury was a class composer-lyricist known for his songs of mass movements, non film Bengali songs besides film songs. Eventually he composed so many songs for children known as “chhotoder gaan” mostly rendered by his elder daughter Antara Chowdhury. During the 80’s those songs got an immense popularity among bengali listeners. Songs like O Ayre Chhute Aay Pujor Gandho Esechhe, Bulbul Pakhi Moyna Tiye, Ekka Dokka Tekka, Ek Je Chhilo Machhi and so on. This evening Antara and her students  performed those popular chhotoder gaan created by the musical genius.Chief guest was Haimanti Shukla, Special guests were Shivaji Chatterjee, Arundhati Holmchowdhury, Kalyan Sen Barat, Saikat Mitra and special performance was by Manomay Bhattacharya and Antara Chowdhury. 

Students of Surodhwoni performed the popular prayer song Bishwapita Tumi Hey Prabhu as an inaugural song followed by Bulbul Pakhi, Ek Je Chhilo Machhi, Sarata Desh Jure Amar Ghar Bari, O Mago Maa, Ek Je Chhilo Raja Habuchandra Tahar Naam, Na Dir Dir Ta Tum Na Tum and so on.Haimanti Shukla sang Bhalobasi Bolei Bhalobasi Boli Na, Mon Bon Pakhi Chandana, Saikat Mitra sang Jadi Kichhu Amare Shudhao,Purano Din Purano Mon,Arundhati HolmChowdhury sang Chanchal Sonali Pakhnay, Shibaji Chatterjee Sang Path Harabo Bolei Ebar, Manomay Bhattacharya sang Baje Go Bina, Jodi Jante, Antara Chowdhury sang O Mor Moyna Go, Ei Roko and so on. The musical evening was anchored by Madhumita Basu.

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