Seven Puja Pandals that you can’t miss this year

As the kan grass blooms and dances to the rhythm of the dhak underneath the blue sky, Maa Durga
steps on earth with the hail “Bolo Durga Mai Ki Joy” roaring through the streets of Bengal. The city of
joy dresses in her best robe to welcome the goddess, while the citizens gets intoxicated with joy enjoying themselves amidst the cultural extravaganza.

Besides the pre-puja excitement of shopping there also exists another craze among the city-of-joy citizens. The craze of deciding and expressing certain themes through the “pandal” in their locale.While the South Kolkata is mainly famous for this approach for greeting the deity whereas North Kolkata is well known for the traditional approach. Every year the clubs come up with certain unique concepts which illuminates the commoners. Like every year
Santosh Mitra Square came up this year as well with yet another jaw dropping theme of silver chariot. The chariot is made using 10 ton silver which is worth 80 crore rupees. It is 60 foot in height 40 foot in length and 40 foot in breath. This will be one of the most attractive puja of all.

Holding the world record for the most crowd and the best crowd management, this year Sreebhumi is presenting the palace of Chittor shown in the film Padmavat ,not just the palace will be the centre of attraction but the deities will be wearing gold and diamond ornaments sponsored by Senco Jewellers.

The 77 year old Singhi Park is recreating the Sun Temple of Gujarat with its custom of a traditional deity.

Unity in diversity, Muhammad Ali Park has taken up this theme and is creating an African Safari in Kolkata. This will definitely be the centre of attraction for the people and is expected to grab the attraction of a huge crowd.

Festival means colors, colors add life to everything Barisha Kumorpara is working on this concept to make a beautiful and colourful puja.

Desopriyo Park every year comes up with something out of the box to amaze the crowd and this year they are representing a part of Gujarat which the people would love to see.

In spite of the fact most of the clubs have moulded themselves in the new era to theme puja but traditional puja never lags behind.The traditional puja of Madox Square, Ekdalia Evergreen had always been the most attractive Pujas of all times which people accept wholeheartedly and cherish each and every moment of the Durga Puja.

by Adrija Banerjee