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Fortis Hospital Anandapur organizes 21 Cardiac Health Camps across Kolkata City for Morning Walkers

Kolkata: On World Heart Day, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur organized several Cardiac Health Camps across various locations in the city. The camps started early in the day and was a huge hit especially among morning walkers.

Recent studies reveal that the growing urbanization in India has led to a rise in the number of hypertensive and diabetic population in the villages and the cities alike. As Dr. Shuvanan Ray, Director of the Department of Cardiac Sciences at Fortis Hospital Anandapur points out, “Sedentary life coupled with junk food leads to obesity, diabetes and hypertension. All these conditions are termed as Metabolic Syndrome, which is a pre-requisite for development of Ischemic Heart Disease in early life.”

To help the morning walkers assess their health condition, Fortis Hospital Anandapur is organizing widespread free health checkup camps at all the prominent joggers’ parks in the city. The checkup camps are starting from 29th September 2018 and continuing till 5th October 2018. The offerings at the free camp are Free Blood Pressure Check and Free Blood Sugar Check. The schedule for the health checkup camps is as follows:

Locations of the Free Cardiac Health Camp
Rabindra Sarobar Lake (3 Gates) | 29th Sept
Patuli Park | Gitanjali Stadium | Siddhartha Sankar Roy Park | 30th Sept
Golf Green | Deshapriya Park| Harish Park | 01st Oct
Northern Park| Deshapriya Park| Parnashree Park| 02nd Oct
Rabindra Sarobar Lake (2 Gates) | Northern Park | 03rd Oct
Patuli Park | Gitanjali Stadium | Siddhartha Sankar Roy Park | 04th Oct
Golf Green | Parnashree Park| Harish Park | 05th Oct

As Mr. Samir Singh, Zonal Director of Fortis Healthcare states, “Fortis Hospital is always dedicated to the welfare of the community. These health checkup camps are just one of the many community welfare programmes that we regularly conduct at the residential complexes and corporate houses to create awareness about health conditions and how one can maintain a healthy life.

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