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Dilchand Singh meets Samiran Dutta with New Hope of Life

Eastern India is now successfully dealing with heart transplant surgeries and has gifted new lives to people. On 21st May 2018, Eastern India had their first ever successful heart transplant surgery of Dilchand Singh, a 39 year old primary school teacher from Jharkhand. A month and four days after Fortis Hospital had received a heart from a brain dead patient from Bengaluru and then the organ was conducted by a team of doctors from Fortis Hospital,Chennai. Dilchand Singh was under the supervision of Dr. K.M. Mandana. After the transplant Mr.Singh is now leading a regular life.

The second person to get a new life is Samiran Dutta, a 52 year old Kolkatan to undergo heart transplant on 24th September. The organ was harvested in Andhra Pradesh’s Kakinada and was flown to Kolkata via a chartered flight. With this the city witnessed their second heart transplant which took place at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur. In the press conference at Fortis Hospital Anandapur, 5th October 2018 Dr. K.M. Mandana stated that Mr.Dutta is now in good health and he has also walked five rounds the hospital. The doctors are also planning to discharge him in a week so that he could enjoy the flavor of Durga Puja.

At the conference on 5th October at Fortis Hospital, Samiran Dutta the second successful heart transplant patient, has shared his amazing experience with the management via video call. He congratulated all the staff and doctors for their amazing care and supervision. He is hoping to enjoy his Puja with no hurdle.

The doctors of Fortis Hospital in the respective field, Dr Tapas Raychaudhury, Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dr K.M. Mandana are now even more focused about the organ transplant matter. They are planning to start their own venture of organizing organs so that a person can easily get organ in need. They are even planning to help other hospitals for distributing organs. According to the doctors “there should not be any barrier in terms of life and health.”

by Anusua Dalai

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