Natun Gaaner Pabboni celebrated new Non-Film Bengali Songs in a grand way

Lopamudra Productions presented a musical evening Natun Gaaner Pabboni featuring non-film Bengali new songs released this year to mark the occasion of Durga Puja. The program “Pujor Gaan”  was held at Uttam Mancha, recently. It’s an initiative to to save the non-film bengali music scene which is going through a bad phase. We still cherish songs from the 50’s till mid 90’s from S.D.Burman, Kishore Kumar, Sandhya Mukherjee, Arati Mukherjee, R.D.Burman, Shyamal Mitra,Salil Chowdhury to Suman-Nachiketa-Anjan, Srikanta, Lopamudra, Antara,Indranil, Subhamita then what’s next ?
Post mid 2000 the bengali non-film music scene has experienced a rapid change. Private radio stations gradually stopped playing non-film bengali songs of recent times. There is no room for a new artist even if it is a quality song. It’s like a movement to revive the time we cherished and feel proud.Lopamudra Mitra,Organizer-singer of Natun GaanerPabboni said, ” It makes me sad when I see there is no room for an artist even after delivering quality songs even if they are new in this scene. My question is then what’s the future of Bengali non-film music scene! It’s very alarming issue for our industry.So it’s just an initiative to create a platform where we can enjoy the new born songs by senior as well as new artists.”
The concert Natun Gaaner Pabboni  featured songs by Srikanta Acharya (Holde Chithi ),Lopamudra Mitra (Hoyto Tomake ),Rupankar ( Apekkhatei Ami ),Antara Chowdhury( Sejechhe Akash ),Manomoy Bhattacharya ( Ashole Bhalobasa Nei ),Iman Chakraborty( Goponiyota ),Raghab Chatterjee ( Jabe Ki Mon ),Saptak Bhattacharya ( E Haoya ),Timir ( Ajo Mon ), Prithibi ( Agomoni ) Shovan Ganguly(Dhakka Khachhi ),Snigdhadeb( Samosto Mon Bhijiye Dilam Aj ),Shuyopoka (Shnuopoka), Bandobees (Mugdhota),Indrashish( Radha Ki Jane Na),Jayati Chakraborty( Tomar Kachhe Elam Srabon ), Tapolabdha ( Jani Tumi Bhalobasoto Amake ) and so on.

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