The Bong Baisakh at Kebab-e-Que, The Astor Hotel

Kebab-E-Que, the signature restaurant at The Astor Hotel is celebrating Poila Baisakh or the Bengali New Year with a grand feast from tomorrow April 13 to April 15, 2017 for lunch and dinner. The menu curated by Executive Chef Amlan Bose boasts of all the favourite and traditional Bengali fare comprising a large buffet at a pocket friendly price of INR 1299 plus taxes per person.

Some of the highlights from the menu are Narkel Mochar Ghonto (banana fritters stir fry with coconut), Sorse Shobji (mixed vegetable in a soothing rustic curry), Kalo Morich Mangsho (a delicate balanced spiced mutton), Kacha Lonka and Sorse Diye Murgi Jhol (chicken simmered in a chilli and mustard gravy), a huge assorted platter of Bengal’s favourite ‘bhaja’, along with Pulao, Phulko Luchi and Hinger Kochuri. The perennial favourites like Begun Bharta, Pabda Macher Doi Posto (Fish curry in thick poppy seed gravy), Dhakai Chingri Cutlet (Bengali classic snack served with kashundi) and Cholar Dalna (coconut infused lentils) are also a part of the elaborate menu. Wrap it up with the must-haves like Pora Tomator Chutney, Aam Sotto Chutney and Papad.

For desserts, pick from Bhapa Custard, Chhanar Jilapi, Chocolate Amrito Kumbho, Karajan Ghater Sita Bhog and Kheer Malai.

Timings: Lunch – 12:30pm to 3:30pm
Dinner – 7:30pm to 11:30pm

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