Movie Review: ‘Kaabil’ – A Reality Check

His loneliness hits you right at the onset. But his meticulous life hits you even better! Directed by Sanjay Gupta, Rakesh Roshan’s movie Kaabil starring Hrithik Roshan as Rohan Bhatnagar, the blind protagonist is yet another challenge to be made a film into. The movie begins in a rather slow mode but gains perpetual momentum close to the end of first half. The typical love story turns into a revenge drama with twists (not for the audience, but the cast) rightly used by the reel life dubbing artist, Rohan. The budding love between the two visually impaired couple – Rohan & Supriya, is intriguing at certain points. However a lot of scope exists for the dialogue throws, as one could see most of them coming.

The art direction is ideal for a real picture of a blind couple’s world, the only high point being the Mon Amour dance pumping up the duo to their heart’s content. No less than the couple gets betrothed; they enter into matrimony of troubles, with Rohan’s disability to protect his wife from the local goons. It’s a pain to see how helpless a blind couple could be unless backed by a constant support of the society! The fairly innocent voice of Supriya fades away as she commits suicide in the most unexpected twist. The suicide throws light on the societal ills & the stigma of patriarchal brats turning monstrous simply for fun!

The villainous role of Ronit Roy as Madhavrao Shellar, (a politician) is worth a praise for he projects the political villainy with such an ease. While Rohan’s profession turns to his favour as he uses it to avenge the death of his wife. Moreover, had it not been for the sheer talent of Rohan’s voice modulations the plot of the movie would have been quite a regular one. The direction thereon takes the forefront with every action so ideally shot. The story moves in a clever sync with the action, which in turn gives a great boost to the first half of the movie which had taken a backseat.

Violence & revenge, no less than any gruesome drama takes the center stage, while revenge takes a toll on Rohan’s love for his wife. The music could have been better explored, nevertheless the story made up for such flaws. Yami Gautam, staring as Supriya has put quite some efforts in acting as a blind protagonist, while Hrithik ends the movie with beautifully directed last rites of her funeral. Surely a Thumbs up to the art direction! In all the story makes up for most of the average visual effects, but Hey! In the world of blindness it was an unreal reality!

ACTING - 8.5
MUSIC - 6.5


A Reality Check

Intense in its vengeance, mundane in its plot. Kaabil has been a dive into a blind world, blinded by the blindness of power, yet gripped by the sad tragedy of the couple.

User Rating: 3.85 ( 1 votes)

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