Hepatitis C Cure To Come To India

Kolkata – The dangerous diseases Hepatitis C affects almost as many as 12 million lives in India alone. And globally 150 million. Recently a breakthrough in its cure as been made. A drug called Epclusa has been developed to treat all types of genotypes of Hepatitis C. It was developed by Gilead Sciences and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

11 Indian firms have been given licenses by the American manufacturer already. This drug would in turn, if in India, be able to save millions of lives and help treat Hepatitus C patients. Gilled Sciences along with the 11 other Indian firms have been using for this approval as it would also mean that this drug would be available to at least 100 countries. This is because the Indian market already has links all over the Middle East, Africa and other “third-world countries.”

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