Bangladesh Explosion Kills 4, On Eid

July 8th, 2016, Dhaka – People at the Sholakia grounds in Bangladesh, in Kishoreganj, 90 km north of Dhaka were witness to a series of gun fires, bombs and stabbing yesterday.

6 to 7 assailants attacked over 2 lakh people praying on Eid. Over 12 have been wounded and 6 are critically hurt, with sharpness, bullet wounds and stabs on their body. 4 people have already died. A woman died after a stray bullet pierced her when she was in her house, which is right next to the grounds. Two policemen were killed when a bomb was thrown and exploded near a convoy of police. And another police man was stabbed to death. In the gun fire exchange one assailant also died.

This attack occurred less than a week after the ISIS bombings in the Cafe. It was said to be carried out by domestic militants who are trying to overthrow the Sheikh Hasina government. Three of the attackers have been caught and interrogations are happening now. And it has been revealed that the police were the target of the attack.

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