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The “Move Your Feet” Campaign by Fortis Hospital is a Pioneering Initiative Towards Kidney Care

Like every year Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute (FHKI) observed World Kidney day (WKD) with a series of activities to raise awareness about Kidney Care. This is in continuation of its efforts for the last three decades to spread awareness on the subject. With a Legacy of 27 years of Excellence in Kidney Care, Fortis Hospital & Kidney Institute has been serving the people of Eastern India. It is believed that every single person must be aware of Kidney diseases which affect millions of people World-wide. It is with this aim to create awareness about kidneys that Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute (FHKI) organised a 7 km walk. The entire route selected was shaped in the form of a bean with over 200 people participating flashing Banners to build awareness about the importance of kidneys in our body and how to keep it healthy.

20160310_110223World Kidney Day 2016 ‘Move your feet’ campaign urges everyone around the globe, from all cultures and ages, to keep fit and active. This campaign is a symbol to encourage people to maintain a minimum level of physical activity in any way they can, with their own means and frequency, regardless of their physical condition. Small steps can make a difference to keep healthy kidneys and we value every single effort.

The meet brought to light some simple facts about the bean shaped organ like the fact that 50 Gallons of blood are filtered all the way through 140 miles of tubes and millions of filters inside the kidneys and they actually have a higher blood flow than even the brain.

“In today’s time & age healthy eating is extremely important for your kidneys’ well-being. For Diabetics & Hypertension regular check up with your doctor is all the more important,” stated Dr. Suchandro Das – Consultant Nephrologist.

“Creating awareness about Diabetics and Hypertension will go a long way in the prevention of Kidney and Heart Disease. At an individual level, one should try to keep blood pressure and blood sugar tightly controlled and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Dialysis and transplantation, although highly effective, are expensive and the focus should be on pretension of Kidney failure.” said Dr Arup Ratan Dutta, Chief  Nephrologist, FHKI.

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