Boroline sponsors the “Mrityunjay” collection at India Fashion Week

Boroline, a classic timeless product in skin care segment has been roped in as sponsors for ace fashion designer Chandrani Singh Fllora for her collection ‘Mrityunjay’ at Fashion Designers’ Council of India’s India Fashion Week commencing on 18th March, 2016.

Boroline and Fllora’s collection Mrityunjay have similar ideologies. As a brand Boroline has scaled time and won over generations to become a household name, Chandrani through her collection will focus on how beauty eludes death. While it is a mystery what helped Boroline remain timeless, the secret perhaps lies in the product never wavering from doing its basic work well – turning dry, rough skin into soft, happy skin overnight.

Asked about the association, Debashis Dutta, Managing Director, G D Pharmaceuticals, said: “Primarily, there is an intrinsic connect between Boroline and fashion. Boroline and fashion are the two indispensable arms of the beauty triangle. Fashion enhances Beauty. Boroline maintains and blossoms it. Secondly, Boroline has traditionally been and still continues to be a part of Bengal’s life, times and culture. We are happy to be associated with Chandrani’s project which showcases creativity from Kolkata before the country.”

Chandrani Singh Fllora looked equally excited on having Boroline as the presenting brand. “My theme this year is Mrityunjay, another name for Shiva – the conqueror of death – is for attaining patience & power to regain positivity by shedding all negatives of life & soul. Shiva has been a source of inspiration & strength throughout my life & ‘Mrityunjay’ is my tribute to Shiva. Boroline is a classic, timeless product. Our household swears by Boroline – my grandmother used it, my mother used & I think it’s something that the future generations will also use for years to come. I call Boroline Mrityunjay for the skin.”

“My collection questions the notion of formal – casual and seamlessly blends the two in stride. I have incorporated casual and sportswear detailing in formal clothing, highlighting the hybrid lifestyles we live in. The styling of the collection is also in tow with the same mood. The clothes are a fusion of Indo-Western wear.

The colour palette for the collection is a homogeneous mix of snow white, corroded rust, midnight Himalayan blue, ash grey, tones of indigo, Boroline green and various shades of yellow used in solids as well as hand woven stripes combined with ombré effects. Symbols of Shiva like the trishul, conch shell, cannabis leaf have been incorporated in the prints & embroidery of the pieces,” she added.

Boroline since 1929 has moved with times bringing in new packaging. Recently there has been introduction of ‘Ultra Smooth’ Boroline- the fabled efficacy of Boroline partnered with a luxuriously smooth texture and feel. All these supported by marketing efforts and updated communication has ensured that Boroline remains the leader.

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