‘Onyo Opalaa’, a Story of Crisis Amidst Modernity, Now in Theatres

A still from 'Onyo Opalaa' featuring Bhaswar Chatterjee & Ritabhari.
A still from ‘Onyo Opalaa’ featuring Bhaswar Chatterjee & Ritabhari.

What if one day you realize that modernity has left you in a crisis; the man you are married to was never meant to be yours or anyone else’s for that matter?

Satarupa Sanyal’s new Bengali feature film ‘Onyo Opalaa’, set to release on 27 November is yet another heart rendering story of Opalaa, whose predicament lies not in her being a woman, but being doubly marginalized- firstly as a woman and then a wife , in a patriarchal set up.

Though it is a story built in a patriarchal Indian society, yet simultaneously it is set in a modern context, as it delves into the psyche of genders other than – a man and woman. The Director, Satarupa Sanyal referring to the movie calls it an example “of valuing love from wherever it comes”, as the end is most redeeming with the film offering a panacea for our so called modern maladies.

Hitting the theatres in Kolkata on 27th of this month, “Onyo Opalaa” starring Rupa Ganguly and Ritabhari Chakraborty along with Bhaswar Chatterjee and Nigel Akkara, the film is already gaining momentum after being nominated amongst 24 other films around India, by Indian Panorma Film Festival 2015; held in Goa. So grab a ticket and enrich yourself in a new vision and absolutely sublime song released under Jackson Records worldwide.

Report by Samiksha Khanduri (IBTN9).

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