‘GHURI’ – The Kite is a Poignant Tale of Redemption

The setting of the movie Ghuri-The Kite, directed by Arnab Ringo Banerjee, Ishanpur can be any piece of land anywhere in the world. Just like the setting, the philosophy the movie espouses at various levels that are universal and topical anywhere anytime.

A tribute to the award winning novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Ghuri – The Kite is a film on the virtues and vices of adolescence and the wave of fears and fantasies that surround every child in those early years.Inseparable as friends are Sunny and Sikander till an act of cowardice betrays the trust between them.

Years later Sunny has to confront the ghosts from the past as he undertakes a journey into the realms of danger & deceit to make amends for a friend he once let down. It’s an emotional drama of endurance and sacrifice that man takes to reincarnate faith and honor for a gift called friendship.

“This movie is a rescue mission. It is about a young man trying to redeem his guilt scarred childhood. It is about the realisation of harmony among the separatist forces. It is about the universal appeal of innocence that conquers all. And of course a story that travels on the redemption road,” said Riingo Banerjee.

The first offering from the stable of Winds of Autumn, the movie marks the beginning of a journey of bringing good cinema to the people. “We want to bring good cinema. Good entertainment. Ghuri is not only wholesome entertainment, but also a thought provoking movie. We hope you will love it, as much we loved making it,” said Bajrang Agarwal, producer of the movie.

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