Google Honours Mathematician George Boole on 200th Birthday

Known as the Father of the Information Age, George Boole was a mathematician who invented the Boolean Algebra. With the implementation of his invention in modern computer science and technology, everything that exists today including computer logic, storage and retrieval of data and performing automated tasks; are based on the ideas and principles he showed and proved to the world.

Boole was born in 1815 in England and is also known for authoring the book “The Laws of Thought”. November 2, 2015 marks George Boole‘s 200th birth anniversary and on this day, the world’s one of the biggest tech company Google, celebrates the genius mathematician with an animated Google Doodle with algebric expressions and logic gates displayed methodically on the alphabets of Google.

Google Doodle on George Boole's 200th Birthday
Google Doodle on George Boole’s 200th Birthday

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