All 224 People Aboard Killed in Russian Plane Crash

Airbus 321 File Photo
Airbus 321 File Photo

A Russian Airbus A-321 crashed earlier today in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, shortly after take-off from Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt killing all 224 people aboard. The Metrojet flight 7K9268 was on its way to St. Petersburg when it dropped off radar 23 minutes into the flight.

According to authorities of the Russian airliner, the aircraft has 7 crew members and 214 passengers including 17 children aged 2 to 17.

Ayman al-Muqadem, a member of the Aviation Incidents Committee said that the pilot reported technical difficulties and intended to land the plane at the nearest airport. The Egyptian authorities have ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack as the cause of the crash.

According to reports by an agency, the plane was descending at 6,000 feet per minute when it went out of radar. The plane split into 2 parts and collapsed on a mountainous region of Sinai killing everyone inside.

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