“Ceramics Only Mean Pottery” – a wrong notion, says sculptor Srinia Chowdhury

Srinia Chowdhury (Sculptor from India)
Srinia Chowdhury (Sculptor from India)

In an interview during an art workshop, Srinia Chowdhury, a rising sculptor from New Delhi debunked the notion about ceramics. Having worked under the inspiration of Late Manisha Bhattacharya, an eminent ceramist, Srinia explained how magical it is to create with clay.

“Clay is like a baby and behaves the way it is treated and interacted with”, says the young sculptor. While many believe that ceramics only mean pottery, and have very limited implementation as far as creating art is concerned, few others including Srinia have the belief that ceramics is a medium with great possibilities which is yet to be explored.

A sculpture by Srinia Chowdhury.
A sculpture by Srinia Chowdhury.

Known and Unknown – a search within, a concept on which Ms. Chowdhury had been working, has now found way into the reality from the hypothesis of just being in a state of imagination. The current series of works by Srinia Chowdhury have a whimsical quality yet possesses a solidarity in their forms. The solid quality depicts the vast universe around the artist and the little world she dwells in.

While the previous series of her works were based on society and herself, the new works are based on a search of human relationship with mysterious yet meaningful signs and symbols and its deep relationship with nature.

“The whole process of making it completely with my hands and then sending it in a kiln for transformation is a magical process” added the sculptor.

Srinia Chowdhury is all set to debut a solo exhibition with ceramic sculptures opening on November 23 at 6pm and shall be available for view till November 29, 2015 between 11am and 7pm at the Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi.

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