10 Reasons to have 2nd Thoughts about Coming to Chandigarh

We all have heard about Chandigarh being a planned and beautiful city. Yes it is. While visiting Chandigarh, one cannot ignore the community feeling among the people of the city, the beautiful parks and the advantage of reaching from one end to the other end of the city in not more than 30 minutes, when traffic is in your favor.

However, there’s a lot of difference between ‘coming to visit’ and ‘coming to stay’. Here are 10 reasons to have second thoughts about coming to Chandigarh

1) Well food …food is all they live for…But wait! Reality Check – Food in PGs, worse than eating a overcooked chapatti made by oneself!!! Duh!!..though one could always go for tiffin system that kind of food ..justifies being in Punjab! *.* ( drooling).

2) Canada NOT United kingdom – Get it straight – both may have majority Punjabi population but the former believe in Freedom of Expression and the latter in being BRIT. Well, Punjab chooses the former. Hmm.

3) Friend- hey, what u doing?
>   Me- just blogging on my own website.
>   Friend- What for???
>   Me- O.O ( aside- Unawareness!)

4) We wear all expensive brands be it Gucci, Armani , madame (often called mai- dum)….Moreover we even keep our dogs name, “g-u- chh-ee.”  @-@

5) Majority population after Sikhs? Haryanavis. No offense. “Homeland calling” and yaa…please spread the word!! Although undoubtedly, haryanavi girls completely stand out…atleast here one doesn’t feel that they have been oppressed….#Woman power 😀

6) “hat jaa tau..” Might be an awesome dancing track at weddings. But just listen to the contributors conversing once…you would never want to dance again, though we won’t mind some latest numbers from Honey Singh.

7) Jaguar= BMW .
Class = Classlessness. Or vice-versa. But hey! Girls adore big cars across the globe … sadly -.-

8) The only good news.  Sector – saa-taa-raa (17) is no longer crowded. But where is all the population?? Well its the Elante mall- phew!! Finally some air to breathe in 17.

9) Yes people here apparently have a big heart. But so do ‘ brats ‘ with big cars …have a bubbling heart ; ready to devour girls just at a mere sight. But not to forget these brats actually stand for you in case they turn out to be your friend! 😉

10) Drinking is strictly prohibited in vehicles as the public is under strict police surveillance . But where to go for the cheapest liquor ? Its Chandigarh – Do they think that people are fools?  As for me, Still wondering how  are those broken bottles of beer actually placed in the corner of the road :@

A well planned city indeed, all they need is some refinement classes :p

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