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The runner who made our heart skip a beat


Upayan Roy ran for his life before when he was getting a heart transplant and hasn’t stopped since. From participating in BSF Kolkata half-marathon 5K category to covering more than 21K in one go for the first time on 16 December this year in Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, his journey never fails to inspire us.

Roy underwent a heart transplant surgery in mid-2016 at the hospital. His doctors, cardiac transplant surgeon, Dr K R Balakrishnan, Director, Cardiac Sciences and Dr Suresh Rao, Head of Department of Cardiac Anaesthesia and Cardiac Critical Care, Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai counselled him, giving him hope that he would be able to engage in active sport again.

About his preparations for the race Rupayan said: “I am preparing myself for the Tata steel Kolkata Marathon 25k. I have a very controlled simplified diet because of cardiac problem. I completely avoid eating chicken, mutton and fast food. Hydration is very important thing for any athlete.”

About the guidelines that the first heart recipient from Bengal needs to follow: “As a heart transplant patient I always follow the guidelines given by my heart transplant surgeon Keya Balakrishnan of Fortis Malar. Since I am living for a borrowed heart it is mandatory to follow the doctor’s guidelines.”

About 6 months after the surgery, Roy saw a poster for a half-marathon organised by the BSF. He felt it was an opportunity, despite his limitations and high risk, to celebrate his new heart and to acknowledge the country’s men on the border and this year also he is joining the celebration of Vijay Diwas Cup at TSK 25K making our heart skip a beat for his passion.

“Last year I participated in the 5 marathons, though before every run I have to take consent from doctors.”

This will be his second time in TSK. His doctors in Chennai suggested 10K last year. And have given him a go ahead for 25k this year.

The alumnus of Don Bosco Park Circus said: “Although I am a heart transplant patient but I can say that I am very fit now .I would like to say all the people that, keep running and take part in different types of event in order to stay fit.”

He urged people for heart donation by saying: “As I am connected with many heart transplant groups inside and outside of the country, I always try to inspire people by saying that heart donation is a very good work. Everyone should donate organ after death and by doing this noble work you can save any other person’s life and the person can live happily after in their life.”

“After Kolkata Marathon my next race is Mumbai marathon,” he added.

Rupayan urged Kolkatans to join the madness and the biggest running carnival of Bengal which is TSK 25K: “Marathons are less about speed and more about endurance. It is a template of discipline, dedication, persistence and character. Health and happiness are essential prime movers to good life….and marathons keep us both healthy and happy. Join the madness…!”

His races so far:


2) TSK25 – 10K

3) IDBI 2017- 10K





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