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“Crab Method”- Stress Management To Keep Cancer Away

 Cancer is a deadly disease and today at Press Club, Kolkata Dr Devasis Ghosh shared his hypothesis to cure the disease through ‘ Crab Method’.  With Dr. Mukesh Karia and Rajesh Jindal. Dr Devasis Ghosh lost his wife due to cancer and influenced him to find a cure. If not for lifetime but at least to increase the longevity.

Like a crab has 10 legs, Dr. Devasis Ghosh found ten steps to cure cancer. Chemotherapy, oncosurgery and radiotherapy are the ways of treating a cancer. But according to Devashish Ghosh it involved 7 more steps which can help to treat cancer through available cheap medications and professional guidance. The 7 steps to holistic treatment are: Stress, ATF3 Genes, Platelet Activation, Serotonin, Auxin, Melatonin and HDAC Inhibitors.

Mental stress increases the frequency of Cancer or occurrence and with the help of available psychotropic drugs like B-Antagonists, CSF-IR Inhibitors it can be treated.

ATF3 Genes are found in a RNA and Microphage and can also be increased when exposed to chemotherapeutic agents or stress. And hence ATF3 helps in development of cancer cells.

Platelet activation is possible through stress and helps cancer cells to spread and help it from being destroyed by natural killer cells. Medications like Olmesartan and Disulfirum can help in preventing it.

 Serotonin also increases due to stress and it helps in cancer growth through its receptors.

Due to increase in serotonin, it leads to prevention of Auxin / IAA. Auxin breaks down unwanted proteins and less Auxin, leads to growth of cancer cells. Natural or synthetic auxin and helpful for antitumor or cancer treatment.

Melatonin is produced at night when we sleep and it helps in preventing cancer cells to spread. It reduces the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Cheap Melatonin dosage is available and are not harmful.

HDAC Inhibitors inhibits histone deacetylases and often used as mood stabilizer and had extremely large role as an anti cancer agent.

Chemotherapy has so many side effects as it kills living cells. But ‘Crab Method’ is actually supplementary to the avialable treatment modules of chemo,radio and surgery. It is a way to cure cancer and it can increase the longevity of a cancer patient. Even all the medications are cheap and natural and has no side effects. Dr. Devasis Ghosh just wants to aware everyone of his method of curing cancer patients with natural ways and professional guidance and even without chemicals. He has few patients who on this treatment regime for last 2-3 years, along with prevalent therapy,are doing well without recurrenece.

by Tanmana Pal

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