Uma, a quintessential dovetail of emotions and relations to sway the mind of the people

Srijit Mukherji’s Uma has hit the screens on 1st June, this Friday.  Since then the movie has fabricated a web of interests among the audience, gyrating around Sara Sengupta, daughter of Jisshu Sengupta who has made her debut in this film as the protagonist, Uma.

Uma, is made from a real life incident of a boy, Evan Leversage of St George in Ontario, Canada  who was a cancer victim. And to accomplish his last yearning to see the Christmas his parents and the whole townsfolk came together to organize a Christmas before its actual time. Srijit Mukherji has created the whole plot and scenes with the same touch of the actual story but with its own Bengali twirl.

Himadri, the role played by Jisshu Sengupta as Uma’s father manifests to what extent a father can go keeping everything aside to keep the last wish of his daughter who is fighting a terminal disease. The bonding and the attachment shown in the film between the father – daughter duo is something that will definitely make your heart heavy to weep. Sara Sengupta as Uma has done justification to the role.The little girl has mesmerized every person with her mature and subtle acting. With the dismal ambiance surrounding Uma, the comic timing of Rudranil Ghosh will surely charge up your mind resulting you to laugh and will also give you some serious blooms in some  parts of the film. The role played by Anjan Dutt as a struggling film maker who was given the responsibility to create the Durga Puja before its actual timing will drive your mind with boldness and lucidity. Anirban Bhattacharya will simply keep your eyes wide open with his multifaceted acting in the film.  Stars like Prasenjit chatterjee ,Dev,Mimi Chakraborty as guest appearances will add a special hue to the climax of the film.

The proper execution of every plots and scenes by the director endowed with deep love and passion, and the songs just adding more stars to the throne will glued your eyes to the screen.

Uma is definitely a must watch film to witness the heart touching and the grandeur of the father- daughter relationship.

Uma , a perfect blend of emotions and relations


Uma, a must watch

Uma , the film will surely make you understand the value of a relationship. The poignant turmoil between the father and daughter will drench your heart.

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