Hakkaland, the Indo-Chinese eatery in UK makes Bengal global

Kolkata, 18th June 2018, The renowned Indo-Chinese eatery of Harrow, London and winner of the British Chinese food award, Hakkaland has revolutionized the way Indian food is perceived in the United Kingdom. The restaurant that offers a great variety of Indo-Chinese dishesin London, is owned by Head Chef Mr. Steven Lee.

With his roots at Kolkata China Town, Chef Steven Lee, has grown up embracing Bengal’s vast culture and its rich heritage. He has been closely associated with Bengalis and considers himself to be no less than one. This influence can also be seen in his cooking where he draws inspiration from India’s vibrant culinary culture. His restaurant has gained so much popularity that it now enjoys the highest footfall among all Chinese eateries in Harrow.

Owing to this Chef Lee has been actively involved with the Bengali community in UK and has been dedicatedly advocating, promoting and supporting the community there in various ways.He has been offering a hefty discount on the food bill at his restaurant to anyone who walks in with the movie ticket of the latest Bengali films that have been getting a theatrical release in the Harrow area. Moreover, he has been supporting many cultural programmes in UK like Musafirana by Srikanta Acharya, Uttorsuri by Sounak Chattopadhyay and many other programmes featuring prominent Bengali artistes in various parts of UK.

Chef Steven Lee added, “I feel that it is my duty to support the Bengali culture and community that I am a part of. I am extremely proud to be from Bengal which has such a rich heritage. We should always spread more awareness about the society we are from.”

Chef Lee is always on the lookout for new ways to champion Bengali customs and its ethnicity through which he can make Bengal celebrated globally.

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