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Six Summer Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer season is definitely the time of the year when all of us lack energy due to the blistering heat of the sun. Though that can’t be an excuse to relief the work pressure. We have to go out and need to do our part of work. The sizzling heat and the rising temperature not only make us perspire but added to that it gives us the sultry feeling. Sitting back at home and avoiding the heat outside can’t be the solution to our summer days.

So here we come with some of the ways that will endow you with solace and will help you to beat the heat in this summer.

 Pick your liquid wisely

Your body exudes a lot of water through body sweat during summer. Deficiency of water causes dehydration. You should consume as much water as you can. Glucose added to it help your body to charge up. You can also have water with salt and lemon which will refresh your mood and energize your body, help to increase your immune function. Lemon water is also good for digestion while salt helps to raise your oxytocin level.

Citrus fruits should be your best friend for the summer

Oranges, grapes, lemons and limes are the most cooling fruits .They can keep your body healthy and keeps your skin smooth and elastic this summer. Being rich in plant compounds they do have various health benefits including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. You can also have some fruit juice which will help to enliven your mood.

Watermelon can be your regular partner

Watermelon is super cooling and hydrating. Watermelons mainly consist of 90 percent water that helps to keep your body cool which is very necessary for this hot and humid weather. It is rich in vitamin A and C packed with lycopene and other nutrients like amino acids and vitamin B6. The nutrients present in watermelons help to prevent cancer and improve heart health. It also helps in lowering the inflammation and oxidative rate, preventing the macular degeneration and muscle soreness.

Cucumber, your forever mate

Cucumber is made of 95 percent water which is definitely a must need for our body in the summer. The high water content purifies the body by decontaminating the toxic and old waste materials. It is loaded with nutrients. Lignans present in cucumbers have gigantic boosting effects. It also has alkaline which help to maintain your health. Magnesium present in cucumbers help in the blood circulation. Beside this cucumber is also good for skin. It helps to remove the dark circles and the sunburns.

Tomatoes, a treat to your skin

The smoldering heat of the sun not only imbibes all your energy but it also makes your skin look dull and insipid. Tomatoes are great source of antioxidants and vitamins which succors to make your skin look young and fresh.  Tomatoes are the remedies for your blackheads, sunburn, skin rashes and dull looking skin. They also work well for hydrating your skin. They are good bleaching agent.

Curd is the superfood of summer

Curd initiates to boost your body energy due to the presence of the probiotics bacteria in it. It helps in digestion and also improves the cardiovascular health. Curd helps in releasing the anxiety and stress. Apart from this curd can also affix a glow to your skin. It contains several minerals like vitamin E, Zinc and Phosphorus which helps to improve your skin texture.

These are some of the tips which will help you not to hate the summer much.

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