Ladies Study Group Celebrates the Power of Women

Kolkata, Friday February 16: Ladies Study Group organised a panel discussion called “Shakti Beyond Borders” to celebrate the power of women and their success stories from different walks of life across five neighbouring countries on Friday February 16 at ITC Sonar. “Shakti Beyond Borders”, an LSG International Conclave had esteemed panellists like entrepreneur, philanthropist and fashion icon Otara Gunewardene from Sri Lanka, managing director of Oxford University Press, Ameena Saiyid from Pakistan, Charu Chada, pioneering media entrepreneur from Nepal, Kyi Pyar, MP, NLD Kyauktada Township, Yangon Regional Parliament , ACYPL from Myanmar and Farzana Chowdhury, managing director and CEO of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited, from Bangladesh.

“On behalf of Ladies Study Group, I thank all the wonderful ladies for being a part of this conclave. We believe that it is through sharing our personal stories of obstacles, struggles and victories that we can inspire so many other women across the world. “Shakti Beyond Borders” is a platform for women power and women strength where we all salute our journey so far,” said Namrata Sureka, President LSG.

The five women achievers and leaders in their own respective countries and fields emphasised the fact that the most important thing for women across all generations and borders is to stand by each other and help each grow as individuals and as professionals. While everyone has their own struggles and battles to fight, it is the unifying voice over the din that will help in building a strong network of powerful women.

“It is wonderful to see the degree of women empowerment in India. I have been in Kolkata for a couple of days and I saw women riding scooters and bikes and driving cars and going about their business. This is not possible in our country. There women can only ride pillion but not just by themselves. It is these apparently small things that make us realise that we should never take our freedom for granted. The right to choose is foremost in empowering a woman,” said Ameena Saiyid.

According to Charu Chada, “Economic empowerment is the one essential thing that sets a woman free. Earning your own money is earning the right to love with way you want to live.”

“There is still a long way to go but Bangladeshi women are slowly but surely emerging from the shadows. The situation in our country is yet to improve more but the fact that today I can represent a certain milieu of women who have fought their way through their intelligence and hard work is a symbol of changing times,” said Farzana Chowdhury.

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