An Evening of Pure Folk with Rongila Nao & Abhibyakti

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An evening celebrating pure folk culture of Bengal titled as “Pran Doriaye Prem” was organised by ‘Rongila Nao‘ a folk music group led by Smt. Jyotsna Mondal in association with ‘Abhibyakti‘ an audio drama & literary group directed by Smt. Ranjana Bhanja, at the Jadavpur’s Indumati Sabhagriha on 30th of January 2018.

Radio & TV personalities Satinath Mukhopadhyay and Debashish Basu were present as specials guests.

A blend of folk music, poetry and audio drama (srutinatak) was witnessed at the show; a celebration that aroused the senses of rhythm & love for soil in every spectator’s soul. The most appreciable part of the event was the felicitation of mothers who are at their last stages of life but has gifted the fraternity with beautiful talents in form of their children (daughters), who organized / performed at the event.

Group of singers performing ‘Shesher Kobita’
Maitreyi Roy performing poetry

Pran Doriaye Prem commenced with a Ganesh Vandana by Aritra Sengupta followed by a group performance of ‘Shesher Kobita’. The first part of the event was concluded with beautiful rendition of poems performed by Maitreyi Roy.

Pran Doriaye Prem has been a successful evening because of a team effort of the organising groups, the performing artists and the our audience who stayed with us till the end of the show. But the catalyst to this event has been our friend and performer Sudipta Sengupta Chaudhuri who brought Rongila Nao & Abhibyakti together for this event and became instrumental in this beautiful bonding of folk music with Bangla srutinatok (audio drama). Our guests of honour Shri Satinath Mukhopadhyay & Shri Debashish Basu were also very kind to have inspired & encouraged us“, said Ranjana Bhanja, founder – director of Abhibyakti.

TV/Radio personality Debashish Basu with Sudipta Sengupta Chaudhuri

The second part of the event was graced by the astonishing audio-drama performances ‘Shesh Ontora’ and ‘Rakkhushi’ written and directed by Smt. Ranjana Bhanja, performed by Prosenjit Ghosh, Chandan Majumdar, Hiralal Sil and Ranjana Bhanja of audio-drama group Abhibyakti. Background score was rendered by Utsav Bhanja.

Chandan Majumdar, Ranjana Bhanja & Prosenjit Ghosh performing audio drama

The final part of the evening was a collection of famous Bengali folk songs by ‘Rongila Nao’ directed by Smt. Jyotsna Mondal. The performing artists included Sudipta, Amita, Bishakha, Manoshi, Somdatta, Sanghamitra, Kalyani, Suparna and Jyotsna. The performances were beautified by three young talented dancers who enacted various sequences through dance, based on the songs. The evening was hosted by Smt. Arpita Ghosh.

Singers of ‘Rongila Nao’ performing folk songs

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