Hyfie – a new app enters the market to simplify daily life

Server Tech Private Ltd, a start-up from Kolkata, launched a new mobile application ‘Hyfie’ on Tuesday afternoon at The Park with the promise to make the lives of people a lot more simplified.

Hyfie is a socio-economical payment app which offers its users some unique features such as Group Gathering, Destination Tracking, Live location sharing and tracking. It also provides a platform for economical purpose where both the participants – Customer & Merchant – can exchange goods & services in consideration with money. While the social features also include goods & services for daily requirement like grocery, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc some additional features such as laundry, stationary, maid are also available for the first time in West Bengal.

One of the members behind the company Mr. Shadab Sultan Mullick talks about the USP of the product saying ” We believe that the Group Gathering, Destination Tracking is going to play a crucial role for us if the users are able to grab the importance of this particular feature in their day to day activity. Once people will install it and understand the importance of the app they will surely keep it in their phone until and unless someone copies our feature and comes up with something offering the very same.”

Hyfie with its unique business payment platform will also allow the merchants to get a complete billing solution with Pre-Payment (Payment Request) and Post Payment Invoicing system in accordance with GST calculation as well as GST statement preparation making easier for the merchants to pay the GST amount with accurate GST statement. Also it will allow the businesses to get all their billing data on one page irrespective of the payment mode they accepted.

The newbie app is launched in Eastern India first and then will move across the country before marching its way to UAE and Canada in future.

Text by Kusum Lama.
Photo by Sunny Mondal.

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