Paul Biopic Wraps Up In Style

Kolkata, June 22: Ava Film Productions successfully wrapped up the shooting for their upcoming movie Surjo Prithibir Chardike Ghore. The shooting for the film completed on time with the full cooperation of the cast and crew.

The producer of the film Pawan kanoria, said “We had a great time shooting this movie. It is very challenging task to make a movie based on a subject so real and so very present on our face. But Arijit has done an excellent job with the script and made a movie that is racy and keeps you glued to the screen”.


Biopics are usually made out of great successes, inspiring stories of landmark achievements. But this story is about a grand failure. It is based on a man’s struggle to swim against the world to hold on to a belief that is set against the constantly eroding and changing social values in the quicksand of time.

Paramita Munsi who did the basic research on K C Paul, also contributed to the story. The script of this film was selected in NFDC Screen writing Lab in 2015 and was mentored by international experts.

The Director of the movie Arijit Biswas said “It is a movie that challenges you to take a stand.  Weather you will fight till death to hold on to what you believe is true or will you swim along with the flow of time. We had a great time shooting this movie. The actor did a great job and Sirsha Ray was excellent behind the camera”.

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