Over 120 runners take to streets for the first training run

Kolkata, Nov 6: As a lead up to east India”s premiere running event, the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, Procam International along with the Kolkata Running Squad organised the first training run for its runners.The practice run was set for 5km and 10 kms.

A thin layer of fog hung low in the air. Rains over the last 48 hours had left a sting in the morning chill. With the majestic Victoria Memorial in the background, a group of  men and women were warming up. As the first rays of sun kissed the green velvet of the maidan they jogged out on to the Red road.

The Kolkata Running Squad, a fitness and health group from the city, drove the bootcamp and practice run initiative leading to the December 18 run.

Dilip Jayram, CEO, Procam international, said, “The response has been great to the first training run for TSK25k . We are extremely to delighted to see so many fitness enthusiasts come to support the event and have registered for the event. This is first of many sessions and we are confident the people of kolkata will take to running and enjoy this new sport.”

Procam International has brought running to the forefront of the nation not only as a sport but also as a lifestyle movement aimed at giving a healthier nation that is more active and fit. These practice sessions not only bring the enthusiasts together and give them a platform to run and enjoy healthier lives, but also create awareness about running as a way of life.

“We are very hopeful that we will get a lot more participants in this edition of the TSK 25k. Today we have got around 120 people just for practice. Many more were supposed to join but could not make it for some reason or the other. But the city is waking up to the fact that running is a way of life,” said Vernon Morais of Kolkata Running Squad, before trotting off on his 10k run.

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