Big Bazaar brings Pujo Ready Shera Para with FBB to make Bengali Puja Ready

Fashion Big Bazaar launched its Big Bazaar Pujo Ready Shera Para programme during last week of August 2016 with a star studded evening attended by Abir, Soham, Tanushree and Parno, where Chandrabindoo unveiled the theme song for the campaign.

Through this initiative Big Bazaar rekindled the spirit of sarbojanin para pujo as paras came together with shopping bringing them closer and truly making Kolkata beautiful.

“Durga Puja is symbolised by its sarbojanin nature. It is only at pandals that para members may meet these days, if at all. However true togetherness happens when they spend time with each other so shopping together for pujo creates a bonding that lives beyond Durga Puja,” said…

To mark the occasion Chandrabindoo had also come up with a theme song along with a music video which was played to give the audience a glimpse of the good old days of para pujo togetherness. All the starts stepped on stage to unveil the music video.

Big Bazaar in association with FBB brought together Abir, Soham, Tanushree and Parno to ignite a spirit of oneness by reliving the age old Bengali culture of para pujo celebration.

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