Frost & Sullivan and The Neotia University Launches collaborative Entrepreneurship Development Program

The Neotia University a new generation holistic education provider and a self-financed University of West Bengal, established in February 2015 has signed MoU with Frost & Sullivan Inc. recently. These two organisations will collaborate in two major areas,

1.  Development of Biotechnology Parks in different states such as in West Bengal, Rajasthan etc. TNU has a strong Biotechnology Human Resources Development pro gram. While Frost & Sullivan Inc. has expertise in planning and developing Biotechnology Parks in countries outside India. These two organizations will work together with the State Government and Central Government Department of Biotechnology, to not only establish Biotechnology Parks but to create industry specific and industry ready human resources such as technicians, engineers and researchers in this fast growing area that has huge potential to accelerate economy and alleviate the conditions of downtrodden particularly in health, food production and environment.
2. The second area where these two organizations will be working together is to improve density of entreprbneurs by delivering unique entrepreneur development course created by F&S and modified suitably for Indian conditions. Infact Frost & Sullivan Inc. is a leading consulting group that aims to develop competent first generation entrepreneurs and is the partner of the Government of India’s start up project. TNU whose founder Mr.Harshavardhan Neotia, CMD, Ambuja Neotia Group and President of FICCI, believes that Indian young generation if trained properly will take more risks than their seniors and the atmosphere is ripe to make India a land of opportunity rather than the land of frustration. He therefore feels that the collaboration with the world leading consulting company Frost&Sullivan lnc. and the nationally recognized ‘Best Upcoming University, TNU’, will play a very important role in making East India a developed industrial belt similar to the one around Mumbai or Chennai.

The unique feature of the Entrepreneurship Program will be to help the business minded person to identifying important new products/services, write the project proposal, handhold the budding entrepreneur, to guide, not only to prepare business plan but help in getting through the mesh of State & Central Government clearances, and identify various Government schemes that can provide initial help. With this handholding and personalized help it is expected that more and more ventures will be successful and many young persons will take steps to start their own company and excel in the identified areas thus making not only himself/herself rich and prosperous but also Eastern region and India.
During the function Mr. Aroop Zutshi and Prof. A.S Kolaskar, pointed out how this collaboration will grow. Mr. Aroop Zutshi pointed out that F&S has signed the MoU with TNU is not only TNU being part of the highly respected Ambuja Neotia Group but because only self-financed Universities, are today able to take fast innovative decisions and have the potential to become tomorrow’s Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. TNU’s innovative program and approaches and their leadership at the top have made the proposition of working together attractive.
Prof.A.S Kolaskar pointed out that the unique proprietary modular program developed by the GIL University (Malaysia) of Frost&Sullivan Inc. will help immensely young to budding entrepreneurs. The program will help them to realize at the very beginning whether they have necessary qualities to start their business, innovative approach and ability to learn continuously.
In this function, five first generation entrepreneurs have talked about their experiences and the reason why they have chosen different path from their other family members to start their company.

Mr.V.Babu Sathian, a past student of the Indian Institute of science, Bangalore has narrated his story of converting his B.Tech project into a product with meagre loan from his father, hardly any support from the bank but wonderful support from Prof. Satish Dhawan, then Director of ISC, and the Chairman of Space Commission. He also narrated interesting stories of fighting with corrupt officials and working in the Peenya Industrial Estate.

Mr.Pranay Kishore, has narrated his story of how he left Kharagpur,IIT, after third year of his B.Tech program and started his company. He has worked as Physics tutor to earn his livelyhood during early days of his company Phi-Robotics. He also pointed out that lack of trained manpower in India that forced him to employ Russian engineers to whom he has not met personally even after nine years of employment. His company Phi-Robotics has now joined hand with TNU to start, M.Tech Proglam in Robot Manufacturing. They have not only participated in designing the course but have also developed the laboratory kit for TNU students of Robot Manufacturing.
Other speakers were Ms. Kiran Uttam Ghostu who has already created a name for herself in fashion design and her own brand. She narrated her interesting experience of conducting fashion shows and people trying to categorize her dresses as eastern or western and how she has made use of the fabric properties while designing the dresses.

Mr.Sagar Daryani – the founder of largest Momo chain in India, Wow! Momo and one of the’50 Most Talented Retail Professionals of India Award’ has informed how he & his team have literally “played with momos” & now their menu caters to 11 different flavours of momos. They have smartly innovated & invented to create Sizzlet Momos, Mogurg (Momo Burgers), Momo Chats etc. Even their dessert is a ‘Chocolate momo. He has mentored start-up’s in the F&B space and a few of them are already in operationally profitable mode. Wow! Momo also bagged the Best Food service Brand – East India in the Images East India Retail Summit Awards in2014.

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