The Planet’s Two New Members

With the decreasing number of tigers from the planet Earth, various campaigns had taken place over the years in many Asian countries to save the remaining tigers and preserve the species from getting extinct.

One of the member of the tiger family is the Royal Bengal Tiger. These are mostly white /pale yellow tigers found especially in Kolkata (India), Bangladesh, Nepal, China & Myanmar. According to recent statistics, there are about 2500 of them, still remaining to save the species.

The good news is, the world just got its two new Royal Bengal (yet to be grown up) Tigers. Kartini, the mother of the new born cubs gave birth in the Bali zoo in Indonesia on August 12, 2015. The father of the cubs, another Bengal tiger called King was also seen around the new born ones in the zoo.

New Born Bengal Tiger Cubs Bali Zoo
New born Royal Bengal Tiger (cubs) at Bali zoo.

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