Bangkok Explosion at Hindu Shrine, Kills 16, Wounds Over 80

Fatal bomb blast at the Erawan Shrine, killed 16 people and injured at least 80 people in central Bangkok around 1900 HRS (local time) (12 noon GMT). Reports say there are atleast 10 Thais, 1 Filipino and a Chinese citizen out of the 16 dead.

“The blast was a pipe bomb and was large enough to throw a metre-wide chunk of metal to a 3rd floor balcony on the other side of the street, about 50 metres away”, reports The Guardian.

Security has been tightened in and around the city. Fire fighters and ambulances drove into the scene of explosion, in dozens, to control the fire and rescue people. Eye witnesses said they could see human body organs all around the street along with parts of motorcycles. The defence minister, P. Wongsuwan told Reuters that “the perpetrators intended to destroy the economy and tourism”.

The Erawan shrine is situated on a busy corner of the city where a number of hotels and shopping centres attract tourists. Several Thai worshippers visit the shrine.

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