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3 Problems Kids Face during Summers in India


We all love soft drinks & the mangoes of Summer and we kinda know about the little side effects of this season as well. However, little we care for our body but when it comes to our children, hmmmmm… where’s the doctor!

So we had a conversation with Dr. Agnishekhar Saha from Kolkata. He shared his expert advice & opinion about 3 main problems that kids face during summer time in India.

1. Infections – we all fear it

Dr. Saha: Quite opposite to the usual notion, summer season puts a worse strain on kids than winter. Kids are relatively better in the winter and we see them less in the clinics. Infections are more in summer. Our country has such a tropical hot weather that fluid intake is a must to stay well. Kids usually are not keen on drinking water so it becomes the parent’s responsibility to make it acceptable to them by probably using Rasna or squash.

Secondly infections we come across are mostly the ones that cause stomach problems like diarrhea which leads to dehydration. To avoid that it is a MUST to take care of hand hygiene. Stay away from unhygienic food places, cut fruits etc. For this I would suggest that instead of using liquid soap or a regular soap which is messy and needs water, which one does not get everywhere and all the time, it’s more convenient to use hand disinfectants or hand-sanitizers.

2. Sun Stroke

Dr. Saha: Sun stroke is a possibility and it is also a fatal possibility. But I think, personally, we are seeing kids less and less in the sun. Instead I think the problem is just the opposite. Kids are facing more and more problems due to deficiency in Vit- D but that also has to have its time. It is advisable to use the time after 4-4:30 pm and if you are a morning person, 7-8 pm is optimum. And even if you are in the sun for long hours, the key to staying fit is hydration. The heat in the sun causes more sweat and dehydration, and the only way to be well is to replenish that water with drinking more and more- it is that simple.

3. Soft Drinks – does it really quench the thirst, or does something else?

Dr. Saha: Drinking soft-drinks is a menace. They cause more harm than good.  They are full of sugar and that is bad calorie, especially for someone who is overweight or has the likelihood of having that problem. Moreover it does not even quench thirst as too much sugar increases osmolality, which does not do anyone any good. Plus, Kids are prone to gastritis, and these fizzy drinks increase gastritis. The best drink to quench thirst is water and no other drink. However I wouldn’t say cut out soft-drinks altogether. You can have soft drinks but only if you want to be refreshed with that drink, not to quench your thirst.

We thank Dr. Agnishekhar Saha of Fortis Hospitals for sharing his opinions and hope that all parents out there will definitely do something about it.


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