BusinessMeta Reinstates Pre-Pandemic Perks to Boost Employee Morale

Meta Reinstates Pre-Pandemic Perks to Boost Employee Morale


After a brutal year of layoffs and cost-cuts, Meta is trying to sweeten the deal for its employees by reinstating some pre-pandemic perks.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Meta has started rehiring some employees who were fired in the past year. The company has also ordered branded T-shirts for workers and reopened most restaurants in its Menlo Park, California office. Dinner time has also moved up to 6 pm, making it more convenient for employees.

Other perks that have made a comeback include laundry service, haircuts, and Thursday happy hours. Unique vendors have also set up food stalls to motivate employees to work from office at least three days a week.

While some perks are back, they’re not quite as good as they used to be. For example, laundry service used to be free, but now employees have to pay for it. Additionally, employees claimed that the food is also not as good as it used to be.

Despite the caveats, employees are still happy to have some of their favorite perks back. In a statement to Bloomberg, a Meta spokesperson said that the company is “bringing back amenities as employees return to the office.”

“Dinner, happy hour and company swag never really went away, merely adjusted given the pandemic and budgets,” the spokesperson said.

The return of office perks is a sign that Meta is trying to boost employee morale after a difficult year. The company is also facing increasing competition from other tech giants, such as TikTok and ByteDance. By offering attractive perks, Meta hopes to attract and retain top talent.


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