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UK: What of the New Covid strain when Christmas is finally in town?


Just when the world was hoping for a fresh start to 2021, Coronavirus decided to mutate and make the end of the 2020 more worse. The world has already seen a lot this year with over more than 78 million cases and 1.70 million fatalities worldwide.

The war is still on and with Christmas and the new strain of Covid at our doorsteps is it ideal to panic? Well the answer from experts is a straight NO.

When Covid started last year in the city of Wuhan at China, it didn’t take long for it spread to the whole world. The whole world was shattered with Hospitals getting overwhelmed with patients and doctors and scientist’s working day and night to find out a cure for this respiratory disease.

The scenario now is a bit different though compared to when we started with the disease. Doctor’s around the world has now better data and analytics as what to do and what not to. There are more patients getting recovered everyday with the recovery percentage being around near 90% in every country.

We have vaccines at emergency trial usage almost in every covid affected country. So when WHO Chief scientist says the new UK coronavirus strain maybe present in many nations, should we really start panicking again?

Well NO. Let’s turn our panic into Precautions. Let’s not forget to wear mask during our Christmas outings and meeting our loved ones. We know the guidelines on how to deal with Covid. The same has to be implied for this new strain of the virus.

Though all the information’s on the new strain of the virus is still not transparent but scientists are working on it. Till then let’s make this Christmas more joyful by maintaining the proper guidelines.


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