Synopsis of the shows running in Sun Bangla

Here are the details of the shows running in Sun Bangla.

Mahatirtha Kalighat: 6 PM

At that time, Pathans and Mughals were fighting over the occupancy of undivided Bengal. Pratapaditya announces that he will support Pathans. Bhagabati searches for Uma, but doesn’t get any trace of her. She comes to Ananta Ganguly and accuses Sishir. Uma becomes senseless. In this situation, a Santal family takes her home and treats her. But, hunger and fatigue could not stop Uma from achieving her goal. Uma walks in the darkness. Suddenly a group of robbers attack her. The followers of Jona dacoit decides to sacrifice Uma’s life for Maa Kali. Jona Dacoit was bleeding badly. Uma starts chanting and the bleeding stops. In the meantime, Tara comes to Bhagabati and Subodh in disguise of Uma. Pratap’s men kidnap Nayan and Binodini. On the other hand, the dacoits along with Uma comes to Pratap’s place to rob him.

Sagarika: 6:30 PM

Dipti tells Rai that Sanjay loves her and that it’s the truth. Rai has a conversation with Sanjay in Sanjay’s house. It is revealed that Sanjay only agreed to marry Rupsa to put Rai’s name on the list. Rai tells Sanjay that what he did was not right. Dipti and Shibani explain to rai that Sanjay can help her in life and him being around will really do her good. Rupsa, along with her parents go to Sanjay’s house. Rai and sanjay discuss that Rai’s only aim in life is swimming right now. Rupsa calls Rai and really harasses her.  Abhirup gets very upset and reacts and shouts at everyone. Biswajit finds out and wants to know about Rai when he realizes that she’s from Kusumpur. Rai runs away. Ajay and Poltu get into a tussle. Rai hears that Morol has planned to get her married to Poltu. Poltu tells Morol that he has planned to get Sanajy’s phone number. Ajay plans to send Rai out of the village. Sanjay agrees to marry Rupsa. Abhirup calls for a purohit. Poltu and Morol visit Rai’s house for marriage. At Sanjay’s house his horoscope is being matched with Rupsa’s.  Rai’s and Poltu’s horoscopes don’t turn out to be compatible. Poltu reacts in an agitated manner. Poltu takes away Rai’s phone. A kid comes and gives Poltu a phone number. Purohit’s description at Sanjay’s house matches with Rai’s description.

Asha-Lata: 7 PM

Madhura came back to Kolkata. Dhruva went to the bathroom during class. But Pala saw Dhruva and Asha together. She was confused whether Dhruva likes Asha or Lata. Pala started provoking Lata against Asha. Madhura called Sujan and said that she wanted to open her musical wings within 7 days. She couldn’t wait anymore. Rabi gave Dhruba an offer to stay but then he realized that he should have asked his parents for their permission. Rabi asked Dhruva to bring his parents to his house.Dhruva was upset. Cause Rabi asked him to bring his parent which was clearly not possible. So he made excuses. Dhruva said that they went on a trip. That’s how he convinced Rabi. Dhruva informed his family that from the next day he’s going to stay at Rabi’s house. He explained everything. Gagan was impressed. so he decided to meet the Guru.Sikha was upset because she had to live without Dhruva. Kush and Sujan made a plan. Kush went to Rabi’s home and started crying because he was feeling guilty for what his father did. Everyone was shocked. Kush wanted to learn music from Rabi. So he approached him. Rabi had to agree just because of the situation.Madhura gives Sanchari an offer that she will pay more than Gagan. She starts threatening her. Madhura tells her that she knows each and everything about sanchari. So she can reveal all info to media. This is not good for her. Sanchari agree to sign her contract.Sanchari informed Gagan that she signed a contract for another production. So she’s not goning to work for him. Gagan was shocked after hearing that. He couldn’t believe that sanchari did this. He was angry. Dhruva heard everything over the phone when Gagan explained Sikha about Sanchari. Asha again made a plan and was trying to copy Sikha’s number from Dhruva’s phone. But she couldn’t unlock the phone screen. She failed.

BMJ: 7:30 PM

Kanchan comes to senses and starts conversing with Jyotsna. Jyotsna tells him why she had to go the Gurukul in disguise. And how much she wants to marry the prince of the Kingdom above the waterfall. Kanchan discovers that Jyotsna doesn’t have any clue about who the prince she is talking about, and starts teasing her about her fantasy. Jyotsna’s friend Pawan doesn’t approve Kanchan’s identity and suspects him. But Jyotsna doesn’t pay attention to his doubts.  Meanwhile on Kamini’s advice Lakshmi stages an accident for Ranima to be trapped in and also saves her to win her trust. Jyotsna takes Kanchan to show him her neighborhood, and Kanchan gets impressed watching people’s love and affection for Jyotsna. Kanchan discovers how kind and warm Jyotsna is. Meanwhile Someswar looks for Jyotsna everywhere in the village and finally finds out that Jyotsna roams around with a man by her which he will eventually discover later as Kanchan. Lakshmi demands a necklace from Kamini, which is made in bede village. To fulfill her wish, Kamini sends her royal guards to go to bede village and eventually the guards reaches Jyotsna’s home and finds the kind of necklace Lakshmi asked for and takes them along. Kanchan doesn’t want to go back from the village leaving Jyotsna alone, and thus he hurts himself to remain stayed at Jyotsna’s place. Jyotsna nurses Kanchan and then takes him to a wedding at the village.  Kamini calls the royal guards and orders them to announce the news of Kanchan and Laxmi’s marriage around the kingdom. Meanwhile Someshwar arrives at the village wedding and tries to molest Jyotsna. Kanchan stops him, beats and drives him away to save Jyotsna.Kanchan comes to know that His wedding with Lakshmi has been announced in his absence. Kanchan tells Jyotsna that he has to return home urgently, but he would return to take Jyotsna with him. Kamini teaches Lakshmi how to woo Kanchan once he returns. Kanchan returns to his Kingdom and shocks everybody by rejecting his marriage proposal with Lakshmi.Lakshmi breaks down hearing Kanchan’s rejection. Kamini tells her not to worry as she will make Kancham approve the marriage. When Kanchan’s parents get disappointed and disapproves Kanchan’s decision, suddenly Kanchan agrees to the marriage. Everyone gets happy and it brings smile on Lakhsmi’s face. Jyotsna and Moynabedeni indulge in a fight, where Jyotsna asks Moyna why she always addresses Jyotsna as an outsider, but Moyna remains silent.  After coming to know that Kanchan agreed to the marriage, Lakshmi tries to seduce Kanchan. Kanchan rejects Lakshmi’s appeal and tells her that he agreed to the marriage out of his duty towards his parents and not for his love for Lakshmi, and also reminds her that he won’t let Lakshmi take Urmi’s place ever. Lakshmi gets furious but couldn’t do anything. Moyna plans to take revenge on Jyotsna for insulting her and tricks Jyotsna to go to the jungle in a full moon night to fetch a Medicinal plant (jadibuti) for her, knowing that Pack of wolves will find Jyotsna and tear her apart and eat her alive.

Simana Periye: 8 PM

Arya cannot fathom that Padma could be a thief. He is reminded of her honesty, self-sacrificing nature and righteousness. In his pursuit of the truth, Arya learns, that it was actually Raja and Ranjha who stole the diamond and hid it in Padma’s room. Arya tells everyone the truth and tells them that it is his moral duty to go save Padma and clear her name.Padma is released from the lockup and she comes back to Hiranmoy Mukherjee’s house. In the meantime, Shamirul comes to meet Padma in the house. But how will Padma let him in, avoiding every member of the family?In the sight of everything, Shantilota still does not want Padma to stay in the house and asks her to leave. Padma is in a dilemma on how to stay back in the house and complete her mission. While Padma sees no other way and is about to leave, Raja is bitten by a snake. Padma has first aid training; she offers to suck the venom out of Raja’s feet. But everyone else is in a dilemma – will Padma be able to save the child?Raja is saved by Padma’s quick action. The doctor too praises for Padma. Hiranmoy finally agrees to let Padma stay in the house. The entire family gets ready to attend Khuku’s fiancé’s birthday party. In the meantime, Shubho informs that the army has found out where professor Hassan in hiding. Padma hears about it and is scared about professor Hassan.Padma resolves to save professor Hassan. But she doesn’t know how? Padma takes a disguise and journeys to Hotel Salim, where professor Hassan is hiding.Padma reaches hotel Salim to inform professor Hassan about his impending doom. Just at the same time, the army reaches the hotel too. Hassan somehow takes shelter during the raid but understanding the danger in staying there, asks Padma if she can shelter him at Hiranmoy Mukherjee’s home, for one night. Padma knows the risks involved. But Padma does not fear danger, she knows how important it is to save professor Hassan and decides to take him to Hiranmoy Mukherjee’s house.

Keshav: 8:30 PM

Grandfather and grandmother fight over Gopa’s and Radhika’s decision to stand as witnesses at court. Damu is very upset that he has to leave his school and place and go away. Keshab says he will bring Kangshakaliyanag.  Gopa and Radhika go to the police station where Kali finds out that they’re Sarbeshwar’s granddaughters. Kali calls and Sarbeshwar and threatens him. Prapti takes the phone and tries to talk to sarbeshwar but he hangs up. Grandmother talks about Radhika’s marriage when it’s said that she’s already married, everybody is shocked. Sunando goes to the hospital to check Keshab’s scan but the doctor says that his scan plates are empty, nothing is visible.A foreign medical team wants to come and see Keshab which makes Jaya very upset. Prapti over hears her maid talking about giving Kali the keys. Keshab calls Mamima. Sunando and jaya take Keshab out when they meet Bhondo Sadhu, he fixes her eyesight.Avinash comes to Panchali’s house to invite her for the political meet. Prapti asks Kali about the key and then tells him that Keshab said that Kali’s time of death is nearing. Kali gets angry and calls Keshab. At the political meet, Kali talks non-sense.After seeing Kali talking non-sense, Victor Kumar gets him off the stage. Panchali calls Avinash and tells him to see Kali’s speech on stage on live. At Sarbeshwar’s house, everyone laughs at Kali’s nonsensical speech. Keshab calls Radhika to come and play holi with him. Kali calls someone and asks them to kill Sunando and Keshab, Prapti over hears. Bapi asks Victor to go check on the burial place of Debi’s child. Bapi and Victor dig the place, Prapti watches. They find a skeleton. Sunando and pishi are all looking at Meghna’s wedding jewellery. Keshab goes to invite the Sarbeshwar family for holi.

Gangster Ganga: 9 PM

Shankar deleted the video footage from Heera’s phone. Heera protests, but Ganga stops her & leave the police station with her gang. On the other hand, Dadathakur postpone Gadai’s marriage as he wants to fix Ganga-Nepal issue first. Meanwhile Ganga enters into Nepal’s den with her gang & beat Nepal’s goons. Roni has to leave Santinagar & Gadai as well for his aunt’s health problem. While returning to Ganga’s house after see off Roni, Gadai sees that Nepal & his gang provoking the villagers against Ganga for the death of an innocent boy. Gadai decides to save Ganga from them anyhow. He started acting like a mad to distract the villagers & becomes successful partially. Suddenly Ganga arrives there with her gang & discovers that Gadai is still at Santinagar. Gangotri’s mother along with Gangotri arrives into Gokul Dham& somehow insults the family members for postponing the marriage. Meanwhile Ganga takes Gadai into NGO and asks him to let her handle all these problem alone. But Gadai is determining that he is not going to leave Ganga alone. Kaberi pishi also enters there. All of a sudden the village mob is gaining into the NGO again.Everybody inside the NGO get alert. The mob outside start throwing bricks & stones inside. Gadai holds Ganga’s hands to support her. Ganga is surprised at Gadai’s move. Suddenly a stone comes swirling towards Ganga. Gadai pushes Ganga aside and takes it on him. His forehead bleeds. Kaberi pishi tries to convince Ganga how much Gadai loves him & for that she should value his feelings. Dadathakur instructs Nepal to visit Ganga’s NGO & kill Ganga by provoking the village mob again and again. Following that Nepal reaches there with his gang. Wounded Gadai is again acting like a mad & started distracting Nepal & village mob again. Everybody gets frightened & goes away. Kaberi pishi& Ganga’s gang started celebrating with Gadai at NGO.A child ghost appears into the story. The ghost is claiming that is the victim of fake drug & now comes back to take the revenge from the original guilty. All the villagers started horrifying with the ghost story. Ganga comes to know that it is actually a plan of Shankar who wants to help Ganga to prove her innocence. Meanwhile the news of ghost reaches into Dadathakur’s ear. He orders Nepal to find the truth behind it. Nepal suspects Ganga behind this ghost story’s plan.

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