How about Robo Waitresses!

Robot themed restaurants .

Hyderabad is the second to witness the Robo Restaurant after Chennai. The newly opened Robo Kitchen in the Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad is the first of its kind where the Robos serve food to the customers instead of the waiters.

They have been named “Beauty Serving Robots”. The restaurant presently has 4 robots and they need to be charged for 3 hours to last for a day. The Robos can commune with the customers in Telegu and English.

Manikanth, the main partner in the joint venture said that tabs are provided to the customers when they enter the place and they can select the item or can place their orders by browsing through the menu. Once the order is received, it directly goes to the kitchen. And after that the food is served by the robots.

According to a report each robot in the eatery costs around 5 lakh. The hotel staffs are also well trained to operate the robots. They also remain in touch with the makers of the robots so that they can get the guidance in case of any emergency.

Now isn’t that interesting that Robos are doing stuffs now in reality instead of man energy? What do you think is that a boon for mankind or curse?

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