“This time it’s different”: Seems like Ranbir is all serious about Alia

Ranbir Kapoor known as the “play boy” of B-Town is famous for breaking hearts of many girls. Recently he is dating the “Raazi” girl Alia Bhatt and the couple has already become the talk of the town.

As we all know Ranbir has already ended up his love stories with the alluring divas of Bollywood Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. It has been known that Ranbir’s mother Neetuji was not fond of Deepu and that was one of the reason of their breakup. Ranbir started dating Kat on the set of a film but unfortunately their realtionship didn’t last long as Ranbir dotted a full stop on it. Now all of a sudden the new girl in his life is Alia.

Alia was a huge fan of Ranbir Kapoor as already said by her in various interviews. But how their love tale actually started is still a mystery. Rumours are there that they started dating during the shoot of “Brahmastra”.

Once Mahesh Bhatt said in a talk show that he would never want his daughter to date Ranbir Kapoor. But now it seems that both the family have accepted their relationship. Many pictures of the couple with their families are shared on Social Media.

Celebrating the new year together or going for dinner with families on birthdays are shared by Ranbir’s mother herself. All the pictures are giving a “happy family vibe”.

Wishing the love of her life on his birthday or sharing pictures that had clicked by RK , Alia is also very much open about her relationship this time.

Ranbir is not active on social media publicly as said by Alia that he uses a fake id. But so what? Media has caught them several times walking with each other or sharing laughs.

Ranbir Kapoor has never been so much public about his past affairs. Rumours are in the air that the couple is going to engage soon in 2019. So what do you think guys? Isn’t it a bit different this time?

Ranbir has also shared in an interview with a magazine that their relationship is still very new and they both are giving time to this. According to him he has become more mature now, and know how to deal with a relationship and respect the feelings.

All we can do is wishing the couple a very good luck for their future. We are eagerly waiting for the duo to appear onscreen with “Brahmastra”.

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